The Pig in the Pan Cabinet

Tonight, as I did the monotonous kitchen cleaning, high chair scrubbing, and wrangling of the millions-of-tupperware-and-cups-that-Finn-got-out routine, all I could think about was how tired I am; and how I’d cut off my right pinky toe for the cleaning that will never be done, to just be done, so that I could be either beContinue reading “The Pig in the Pan Cabinet”

To the Mama at the Gym With the Screaming Baby

Oh hey, that’s me!  But also probably someone else, too. It’s Friday and although I worked out each day this week, there isn’t one single day that I got in the full workout that I intended.  Tuesday my babe miraculously peed a gallon and a half in the 20 minutes that it takes to getContinue reading “To the Mama at the Gym With the Screaming Baby”

The Wrestling Match: The Perfect Gift

Today, I found myself overall frustrated.  It seems that over the last few days my 10 month old has turned into a toddler-style baby.  In other words he can’t walk but he is an excellent tantrum thrower with an intensely strong-willed personality. Earlier, I was trying to get him dressed, you know, so he doesn’tContinue reading “The Wrestling Match: The Perfect Gift”