The Bright Yellow, Mysterious Mushroom

I walked outside yesterday morning, the sky was a pastel blue and glowing with pink and orange.  A light fog filled the air, the blades of grass all wet with morning dew.  I figured I had but two minutes before my little babe woke up, so I stood and breathed in the serene of the morning.  

That’s when I noticed, in one of my potted plants on my porch, a bright yellow mushroom.  It was perfectly shaped, sprouting from the dirt, full grown and in full bloom.  

It hadn’t been there when I went to bed the previous night, so I immediately thought it was some strange and mysterious phenomenon, and sort of pretty in it’s own mushroom type of way.  I called my husband outside to look.  He responded something along the lines of “yep, a mushroom.”  


But I stood amazed by this bright yellow mushroom.  I grabbed my camera, and took a picture.  Then grabbed my pen and notebook and wrote down:

  1. Bright yellow, mysterious mushroom.

Then the crying began, and I went to get my boy.  The day began.

But in the back of my mind the mushroom remained.  I recently began reading Ann Voskamp’s “A Thousand Gifts”, which,  in a nutshell (so far), is her journey towards living a life of real gratitude.  In it entails a never-ending search for God’s beauty and grace and gifts; and thus a list of it all.  

(*The book is much much deeper, but I won’t go into more detail for those who want to read it.)

Anyways, this book is nothing short of perfect timing, as this season of life has been full of uncertainty and sometimes fear for me.  It’s been a season where I’ve found it easier to focus on the “what ifs” rather than all of the goodness that God breathes into His world.  I’ve been living blind to beauty.

So I too, began this journey of searching.  From little toddler hands, to sunsets, to an old man smiling at a dinner table, to a yellow mushroom, I’m trying to become present- always searching for reminders of all the good.  By doing this my mind slowly moves further from negativity and closer to a live of thanksgiving and peace and joy and all that is good.  Closer to a life with God.  

So I thought about this mushroom for a whole two days.

You see, when I went to bed last night, the mushroom was already dead.  What was a bright and vibrant little thing, was now a dull, tan, dead slump of a fungus.  And I realized that had I not been intentional in looking for God’s beauty, for the little things, I may have never noticed or cared about the mushroom.  Turns out, I only had one day to notice- the mushroom was only there for one day.

My hope is simply this: that I will learn to look daily.  That I will look every day so that I don’t miss the yellow mushrooms scattered beautifully throughout this world.

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