Finn Turns One

Finn turned one, and it went pretty much as expect.  He was the center of attention, looked adorable, hated his cake, and threw the majority of his food on the floor.  When I say he hated his cake, I mean he screamed and cried and pretended he was being tortured.  He refused to touch his cake, let alone eat it.  He ended the party on a super cute note, repeating “dog” over and over, and playing with all his toys- soaking up the attention as we laughed at his every move.

Cake hating, food throwing, and all, it was such a special day to celebrate my favorite boy.  I love that he is so loved by our families; and feel so incredibly blessed to be his mama. He brings to me a joy I didn’t know existed.

Anyways, I went with a lumberjack theme, but kept the plaid minimal, because i’m neutral and boring. Maybe next year we can have a colorful Paw Patrol pow-wow but until he knows the difference, I’ll stick with the pretty stuff.

I pretty much just ordered everything on Amazon and raided hobby-lobby-on-sale.  My mom made this perfect cake, and I hired a photographer for the pictures, which we took the day before the party, her name’s Joanna Robertson and you can check out all her gorgeous pictures at

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