5 Life-Changing Realizations

Finn is teething.  I love his gummy smile so much that I secretly wish for him to never grow teeth, but I remind myself that he might encounter some problems down the line if he literally never grew teeth.  The teeth growing process isn’t necessarily fun, though, and tonight as I finally sit down post-screaming fit, I’ve come to some very monumental realizations.

1. Having real eyelashes isn’t important after all

Tonight Finn has been totally inconsolable. I’ve tried everything, and I’ve talked in every type of voice and said every funny thing I can think of, and the only laugh I’ve been able to get all day is after I sneezed. So I fake sneezed over and over until my throat hurt, but since then, nothing. I feel like I’ve been rocking and pacing for centuries, and nothing seems to help my teething babe. That is until he spots them. The eyelashes. Finn grabs my eyelashes with his sweaty little fingers and begins rubbing them, and his red eyelids grow heavier and heavier.  Within seconds he’s a sleeping little angel, and I cannot believe that I burned 900 calories bouncing around my house, carrying him upside down, backwards, and sideways, when all I had to do is blink excessively for less than a minute. It was like actual magic.  Finn fell asleep, my heart melted, and I realized just how much I don’t care if I have a depleted eyelash inventory anymore. So worth it. And yes, I’ll go get fake ones tomorrow if that’s what it takes to get this precious face to sleep at night.

2. It’s really ok if the dog licks the supper

We have a really big dog, Zeus. He is even more precious than he is big, but he can reach the counter, and that’s his one downfall. I’m pretty positive I heard him licking the supper on the stove approximately 18 seconds after Finn fell asleep, and I didn’t dare move. I also plan to eat it, and hope my husband never reads this. We have survived much worse, I promise.


3. Slobber is actually cute

I’m not talking about dog slobber. I don’t love the fact that I’m having a side of dog slobber for supper, but I’m hungry. I’m talking about human slobber, which is always gross, except if you’re a baby. Tonight, other than my eyelashes, the only thing  Finn found comfort in was giving me the most sopping wet, open mouth, gnaw on your chin kind of kisses and I 100% let it happen and 100% loved every second of it. No other creature in this world could lick my face and eat my chin and still be completely adorable. Something tells me one day I’ll miss all that slobber.

4. From here on out, I cry, a lot

After all the crying and slobber and eyelash pulling, Finn closes his eyes and he’s suddenly so peaceful. I cried. Not from frustration or exhaustion, although I am both. Just because he’s so cute, that’s all. Normal, right?

5. I can’t truly have a bad day anymore

Tonight has been frustrating and difficult. The laundry didn’t get folded, the supper still sits on the stove, It’s 10:00 and I’m dying for my husband to get home so I can pretend I’m sick and hide in the closet for 12 hours straight.  As exhausted as I am, though, my heart has never been more full; and when the day is done and the frustrating moments have passed, I realize there just aren’t enough “bad” moments to trump the good that comes with being this boy’s mom. It was so much easier to go to bed mad and irritated before this always-clean chunk came in and turned every single thing in my world upside down.


Disclaimer: I can only say this for this season, when Finn is 7 I feel certain I will want eyelashes again.

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